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The fact that the one guy throws down his bag and goes to save the guy, but then he realizes he’s too late. And if you continue watching him, he like throws his hands up and then turns away. He probably feels disappointed that he couldn’t help, but he tried. I bet he didn’t even know the guy. And that really makes me not lose faith in everyone. 

watched this atleast 5 times. too powerful not to reblog.

Everyone else kinda just runs back like the train is boutta explode or somethin.

It’s that fight or flight response

Each time I watch this I tear up. A complete stranger cared enough to almost jump in after him… and he will never know.

Imagine the people riding in the first car, first seat watching that Happen

This brokes my heart

boss ass bitches

I look in his eyes, at his face and realize he’s barely holding back tears. Mags.


Dear Suzanne Collins,

Please write a prequel to your popular series, The Hunger Games. This prequel should involve the first Hunger Games and how the nation crumbled and came to such a low so as to allow a dictator to separate citizens into districts and demand they send their children into an arena and fight to the death.

These are the things I need to know.



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Hey guys, my mom has been smoking since she was a teenager. Well now, she’s in her 40’s with diabetes. Her doctor says if she doesn’t quit smoking, she could go blind or lose her legs. My mom has always told me to never smoke & that’s its bad. But she doesn’t know how bad it is for her. My mom is my everything. I know it may seem a lot of reblogs, but it would really mean the world to me if you guys share this and reblog it!!

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